Tomorrowland Music Festival

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Venue Setting

Stage Setup

Bucket List

Total Score

4.5/ 5

The Deets

When: Last weekend of July
Where: Boom, Belgium
Cost: €110 per day
Attendance: 50,000+ per day
Camping: Yes


Europe's largest EDM music festival


Limited ticket availability
The Bottom Line

Get the latest information on the Tomorrowland Music Festival in Belgium. The years lineup, ticket info, camping, travel information, and more!

by Riley Hilliard
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Festival Info 

Friday 27 July 2012, from 12h00 till 01h00
Saturday 28 July 2012, from 12h00h till 01h00
Sunday 29 July 2012, from 12h00 till 00h00

Check In

Thursday : 11h00 – 22h00
Opening party starts at 14h00 on Thursday 26 July!
Friday : 09h00 – 22h00
Saturday : 09h00 – 12h00 (only at Main Entrance DreamVille)
Check out: Monday 30 July at 15h00

Minimum Age

Minimum age to enter the festival is 18. (People born in 1994 will be allowed to enter the festival, even when you turn 18 after the festival. So all people who become 18 in this year, 2012, are allowed to enter)
Are you younger than 18 you won’t be allowed to enter (born in 1995 or later years), even not when older people accompany you.

Access to the festival

Access to the festival ground can be refused or denied at all times.

Clothes and/or other (visible) physical appearances, which express an explicit political, social movement or group, are forbidden.

Festival decoration

Every year Tomorrowland invests a lot of effort and manpower in decorating the festival area, which contributes to the total Tomorrowland experience. Show some respect for all the decoration! People who tear down decorations will be accompanied to the entrance and will be strictly forbidden to enter again!

Not allowed objects

It is not allowed to enter the festival ground with the following objects: animals, own food and drinks, drugs, glass, aerosol dispensers, sticks, cans, plastic/ PET bottles and sharp objects and any other object that the organisation can consider as dangerous.
Our security team has the last word in case of discussion. You will be body-searched upon arrival.


DreamVille is the official camping of Tomorrowland. DreamVille has its own regulations, which can be found on the DreamVille website.


The recreation area de Schorre, where Tomorrowland takes place, is situated in a nature area. That’s why we want to ask all the visitors to contribute their mite to make sure the festival ground stays as clean as possible.
The collecting points for garbage on the festival ground will be clearly indicated. Use these points to dump your cups. You can also find garbage containers on the parking and DreamVille. Use them as much as possible!


The toilets at Tomorrowland are free to use. Again, like last year, there will be enough wooden floors underneath and surround the toilets. The toilets will also be cleaned regularly. There are special FreshPoints at the festival site where you can freshen up yourself. It’s extremely forbidden to pee out in the open. If this is noticed, you will be accompanied to the entrance and will be strictly forbidden to enter again!

Payment methods at Tomorrowland & DreamVille

There will be an ATM available on the festival ground and DreamVille. At most of the drink/ food tickets’ desks you’ll be able to pay with maestro card. Or the ticket vending machines also give you the possibility to pay by card.


Lockers will be provided at the festival area. You have to pay € 6 for a key, so you can use your locker continuously during the festival. To get your key, you will have to pay an extra € 5 warranty, which you will get back when you return your key.

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