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Posted January 25, 2014 by Riley Hilliard in Blog
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With Music Festival Season quickly approaching, it’s that time of the year to start getting your hipster / hippy / bohemian outfit together! Well we are here to help with our guide on how to make a flower crown :) . This year we are seeing the trend of flower crowns heating up, and having one for your favorite upcoming Music Festival is a must! If your experiences are anything like ours, finding a good flower crown is pretty hard. Not a lot of stores carry them, and that makes it difficult to get your perfect flower crown for your Spring & Summer outfit.

Before we get into the guide on how to make a DIY flower crown you may want to have a look through Flower Gypsies for some inspiration / ideas. You may even rather buy a flower crown than make one, and we have found that Flower Gypsies has a really good selection and reasonable prices. Once you calculate out the cost and time it takes to make a quality flower crown, it might make more sense to see if they have what you are looking for first. Below are a few pictures from Flower Gypsies to help you get some ideas going.

flower gypesies festival How to Make DIY Flower Crowns
[@gypsylovinlight wearing a Flower Gypsies crown & @spell_byronbay shirt.]
flower gypesies How to Make DIY Flower Crowns
[@palomamariella wearing a Flower Gypsies crown.]

Now how to make a flower Crown!

The first thing you are going to need are flowers. You can use fresh or fake flowers. If you are looking for a flower crown to last more than a couple days, you should use fake flowers. There are a lot of quality fake flowers out there today, so if you are worried about the crown looking cheap, the solution is to hunt down some quality material. Michaels usually has a pretty good selection of almost all the materials you will need to make a flower crown, including good quality fake flowers.
If you want to use real flowers you have 2 options: If you happen to live in an area that has a lot of flowers growing naturally, you can just pick them and use those. The other option is to head to a florist. (If you are in a more urban environment, then heading to the florist is probably the better option). You can also use dried flowers, however coming by dried flowers is usually a little more difficult, and they tend to be more fragile to work with.

Materials and Cost:

You will need scissors, a glue gun / hot glue, florist wire, ribbon/lace, wire cutters, and flowers. Buying all these materials will cost around $30-$50 at Michaels.


step by step diy floral crown How to Make DIY Flower Crowns

  1. Get all your materials together. A local Arts and Crafts store might have some of the items you will need, but Michaels will probably be the best place to look.
  2. Measure a length of florist wire to fit your head.
  3. Wrap the florist wire in the ribbon or lace to make it less noticeable. Leave long tails on the ribbon/lace so you can use them to tie the crown together. This will make it adjustable.
  4. Cut your flowers into smaller groups, and glue it to a section of the crown.
  5. Keep the flower groups close together so you can avoid any gaps in the flowers.
  6. And there you go! your own DIY Flower Crown!

Here is a good video on how to make a DIY Flower crown:

If you calculate out all the time and the cost of making a flower crown, not to mention finding quality flower materials, it almost makes more sense to have a look at Flower Gypsies first. Many of their crowns are about the same price as it would be for you to make one on your own, but they have some pretty good quality materials. Hope you enjoyed this article on how to make a flower crown, and good luck with your DIY flower crown! If you come by any good stores to buy flower crown materials other than Michaels, let the community know by leaving a comment below!

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