Creamfields (UK)

Creamfields is held during the Bank Holiday weekend (usually the last weekend in August.) The main Creamfields Music Festival is hosted just outside of Liverpool, England. The festival is the largest touring festival in the wor...


Sziget Music Festival

The Sziget Festival is highly regarded as one of Europe’s largest, most popular, and most unique music festivals. Allegedly Sziget has brought in as many as 250,000 attendees over the 3 days festival in some recent years,...


Roskilde Music Festival

Roskilde was started in the early 70′s by three high school students and has since grown into one of the largest music festivals in Europe. While it doesn’t compete with the top 10 festivals on this list on the level of so...




Future Music Festival

Future Music Festival

Future Music Festival is another Australian Music Festival that tours the country. From February to March (Australia’s Summer) the festival roams through the cities of Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, and is one...

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